Care Instructions:

We suggest machine washing on the gentle cycle. Do not put in the dryer. Lay flat to dry. You may also hand wipe/wash each item. Please, do not use bleach and do not iron the piece. Please see the maintenance instruction.

You want to remove buildup from the velcro; all you have to do is run another hooked velcro fastener against it a few times. By doing this, it will lift the debris to the surface, where it can be gently pulled off by hand. If you have stubborn debris, use tweezers to remove. Try not to be rough with the velcro fasteners when you’re cleaning them. Also, alternate the placement of the straps. By doing this, it will avoid constant wear to one area of the fabric. We are not responsible for wear and tear that may occur after using our Butterfly Effect fitness gear. We do not offer a repair or replacement service.